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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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My Account 

How do I log in or create a new account?

Steps to create a new account.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ”Login” on the top right of navigation bar.
  3. After clicking on “Login,” you will be brought to the screen:
    • Existing user: Please sign in using your established Username and Password.
    • New user: Follow the multi-step instructions found in the video below.


What is ebook?
Please refer to the attached for more details.

When do I receive my ebook?

ebooks are sent 3 business days prior to the start date of the class. Late registrations and walk-ins are handled by the instructor in class.


How do I access my ebook account?

If you have enrolled in a Dell Technologies Education Services course previously and have set up your ebook account, you can go directly to the ebook site by clicking HERE. Log in with the email you used to register for this training and the password you created for your account.

If this is your first time accessing the Dell Technologies Education Services ebook platform, click the link that was sent to you in the email with the subject line “Dell Technologies Education Services: Access Your ebook Student Materials for an Upcoming Course”. Follow the instructions to create a password and log in to view the class content


Can I download the files sent to me from the Dell EMC Education Services ebook Application?

Yes, you will see a download icon in the Dell Technologies Education Services ebook Application viewer.


What types of viewers are available?

To learn more about available viewers select here


How can I print the course materials from the Dell Technologies Education Services ebook Application?

Open the document in the Dell Technologies Education Services ebook Application Viewer. Click the download icon and you will receive an email from Dell Technologies Education Services with a link to a zip file which you can then print. 


When I select a document to view, I receive a Pop-Up message stating that I have "Exceeded Maximum Activation".  What does this mean?

Exceeded Maximum Activation means that the sender of the document has limited the number of devices (computer/mobile) that you can view the material on. Once the limit has been reached, you will need to submit a request to the Organization that shared the material with you. In the same Pop-Up message that you see there is a button that reads "Send Authentication Email". Selecting this button will submit your request for additional device activations to the sender of the material.


Can I access the ebook course materials on my mobile device?

Yes, mobile browsing is supported. You also have the option to download and install the Raven360 mobile app for an improved experience. You can download the Raven360 mobile app from the Apple Appstore for iOS and from the Google Appstore for Android.

iOS -

Android -


Where can I obtain more information about ebooks?

Please select here for access to our eBook guide.


Where do I obtain help?

Please log a ticket with our support by selecting here



How do I use eduTube?

Click here to review the various features and functionalities available in eduTube.


Who all can access eduTube?

eduTube is available for Internal, Partner, Customer, RegLite and Guests.


What browsers is eduTube compatible with?

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and IE11.


What if I get "This video does not belong to your audience type" message when I access any video?

Please contact the provider of the content or log an incident to eduTube support.


What if I notice lot of buffering while playing a video or stops every few seconds?

This issue will be majorly due to the network bandwidth:

  • Go to “Settings -> Quality” available on player control bar, chose a lower bitrate and give a try.


What should I do if I get “Blocked by Content Security policy” for eduTube players in Firefox browser?

If you are a Firefox user and get below “Blocked by Content Security policy” for eduTube players to load, then follow the below steps:

  • Open Firefox browser
  • Type and open about:config 
  • Click on “Accept the Risk and Continue”
  • Enter “network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris”  in Search preference name box 
  • Click on edit
  • Enter the value “”
  • Click on Right tick mark 
  • Close the browser and access the desired player again.


What should I do if I get “An error has occurred” message for the video?

1. This issue will be majorly due to the network bandwidth:

  • Go to “Settings -> Quality” available on player control bar, chose a lower bitrate and give a try.

2. Please send an email to for support with:

  • Video deeplink (url)
  • Video name
  • Steps to replicate the issue (if any)


Can I view a video on my mobile device?

Yes, you can view the videos on your device. However the video cannot be downloaded to your device.


Can I play a video after a long pause?

Resuming a video after a specified period of time will expire the token and the video will not playback. Do a page refresh or close the browser and start a new session.


How do I share content with other users?

Click on the share icon in 'Now Playing Page' to share videos with others via email.


How can I reach out to eduTube support for any help?

Log an incident using eduTube support. Also an email can be sent to mailbox.


Where do I obtain help for eduTube?

You can check out the user guides and help videos available for any help or information on eduTube.






















My Training

I just received an error message (140755) when trying to launch my learning path. What should I do?

Some new users have been experiencing this error when trying to launch a learning path for the first time. Please open a technical support help request here, and an Education Services advisor will assist you. Please include your name and contact information, the error number 140755 that you received, and the name of the learning path you want to enroll in. Once you have received assistance, you should be able to self-register for future courses.


What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?
The Learning Management System or LMS is the system of record that is used for formal training, i.e. the courses, curricula and certifications that comprise our catalog of training offerings.


What is happening to Dell Technologies Education Services’ Learning Management System? 

We are consolidating and upgrading the different learning platforms to bring all our customers and partners onto a single learning platform. This represents a major step in our journey to bring you a modern, personalized learning experience.


What are the benefits of this consolidation?

Bringing all learners to a single learning platform will provide:

  1. A more seamless and consistent experience for all our customers and partners.
  2. One central catalog of learning content. 
  3. An enhanced new experience with more features and functionality, an improved portal experience, and a major step on our journey towards seamless, personalized learning.  

Will I need to be trained on the new learning platform?

Since the new experience is close to the existing experience, no formal training will be needed. We will have tutorials posted on our website that will help you navigate the portal and leverage some of the enhanced features and functionality in the new environment.


Will I have to recreate my account when I log in after the migration?

If you use your account profile and training history will be migrated to the new learning platform. You can log in with your or credentials.. If you have any questions please contact us.

Should you need to create a new account the option is there to do so from the login screen.

If you use you may receive a notification from Dell MyAccount because your account has been migrated to a new system. The validation process will require you to follow the instructions provided in the notification.


What if I am in the middle of taking a course when the migration happens?

To avoid losing your bookmarks or progress tracking, we encourage you to complete any course you are currently taking/plan to take prior to September 3rd. Note that bookmarks for any courses you are in the middle of consuming will not be preserved when moving to the new learning platform.

  • Note: If you are in the middle of a learning path, any courses you have completed will carry over. 


What happens to all the records of training I have already completed?

Your entire training transcript will transfer with you. Please note, however that training taken just prior to the migration date will take up to two weeks to be reflected in your transcript. If you are in the middle of a learning path, all courses you have completed will carry over. 


What happens to all the records of certifications that I have achieved?

There will be no change to any of these records and you should be able to access them as you do currently, including printing out your certificates. Note that if you use the Education Services website to access your CertTracker records, the website will not be available during the blackout period when the migration is being done. You can access your CertTracker directly here. You can access your badges directly through your account on the Acclaim site.


Will credit card purchases be allowed?

Yes, you can purchase items with credit card. For the best experience, purchase one item per checkout. If you are prevented from purchasing with credit cards for any reason, you can use training credits available in your account, or contact  Education Services for help.

Training purchases, excluding training credits, that are made with a credit card will require a new step to complete the registration process and activate the order. Seats for scheduled training classes will only be guaranteed once these final steps are completed.  You will receive an email containing specific instructions required to complete this important activation process. 


How will these changes impact me as a learner?

Post go-live, the new platform will feature a more intuitive user interface, improved search functionality, and the ability to recognize user profiles to offer the most appropriate content based on preferences you can set. You will now be able to:

  • Set and change preferences based on topic category, training type (modality) and geographical location.
  • View details of your account including your training transcript, learning path progress and active subscriptions/ODLC access, if any. 
  • Browsing and Searching the Shop feature on the website.
  • Select training pre-purchased by your company, activate it and register for training.
  • Pre-purchase Training Credits in your company account to pay for training you purchase on the website.
  • Search for specific training by keyword, title, course/package ID, Part # (SKU), language, date range, price range and training type (delivery modality)  
  • Save your search results by bookmarking the desired filter combination in your browser. Each time you update your search filters, it creates a unique URL that you can repurpose at a later time or share with your colleagues.


Will the website URL change when the new platform goes live?

The Education Services website URL will be modified to However, for a limited time, and will work by redirecting to the new URL. We recommend that you update your bookmarks to the new URL at the earliest after the new learning platform goes live to avoid any disruption in access to the website.


Will the new platform be available in my preferred language?

In addition to English, you will be able to select Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish from a menu.

However, immediately following the launch our portals will not be fully localized and our learners may receive a hybrid experience where some components may remain in English.


How long does it tak to process an order purchased with a credit Card?

It can take up to 30 minutes for your transaction to process.


How long does it take to process an order created with the Sales team?

If your order was processed through the Sales team, please allow up to 24 hours for the transaction to process.


Please contact us any time for assistance.





I just received an error message (140755) when trying to launch my learning path. What should I do?

Some new users have been experiencing this error when trying to launch a learning path for the first time. Please open a technical support help request here, and an Education Services advisor will assist you. Please include your name and contact information, the error number 140755 that you received, and the name of the learning path you want to enroll in. Once you have received assistance, you should be able to self-register for future courses. 


How can I obtain assistance with my Partner User account?

For all related account inquiries

How does my company become a partner?

Companies must formally apply to become Dell Technologies partners.

How do I create my user account?

Partner accounts are created in the Partner Portal by their company's Account Administrators. If you do not know who your Account Administrators are please open a case

I have moved to a different company. How do I update my account?

Partner User accounts are created in the Partner Portal by their company's Account Administrators. If you do not know who your Account Administrators are, please open a case. The Account Administrators at your company will need to create a new account for your new email address in the Partner Portal. If you do not know who your Account Administrators are, please open a case through the Partner Portal for assistance. Once your new account is created, you can have it merged with your old account to maintain your training history. Please open a case and specify which email address needs to be merged into which.

Can I use an email service provider domain like

Email service provider domains should only be used when your company does not have its own business email domain, or when you require an additional account for an alternate selling channel and have no suitable additional email addresses in your business email domains.

Can I create an account with a group email address?

You cannot use a group or role-based email address for training purposes. Transcripts, certifications and accreditations are tied to individual users, so students are required to use their personalized business email addresses. Existing accounts cannot be repurposed for new users.

Why is the page not loading? Why is the course not loading? Why do my courses say they are not enabled for my Audience type?

This is likely a browser issue. Please use Internet Explorer, as that is currently the most supported browser, and do the following: Go into the Tools menu and select Compatibility View Settings. Add into the list and hit Close. Then, go back into the Tools menu and select "Delete browsing history."  Only check the "Temporary Internet files and website files" and "Cookies and website data" options. Everything else should be unchecked. Click Delete. When this has finished, close Internet Explorer before opening it back up and try again.  If that does not resolve your issue, please open a case.

I completed a course, but did not get credit. How do I get this fixed?

Please open a case and provide the title(s) of the impacted courses and your score. If possible, send a screenshot of your completion screen. Make sure to provide the titles of the impacted courses and your score.

Where is the Partner Academy?

The Partner Academy can be directly accessed.

What training should I take?

If you are taking training to help your company remain compliant, reach out to your manager for directions. Otherwise, feel free to search all of our offerings on our website.

How do I access my previous training?

You can access your previous training from the My Account menu in the top right corner of the screen. Learning Path Progress shows your courses grouped by track and My Training shows all your individual courses.

Why can't I find a required course?

You will need to go through the website and follow the prompts to make sure you are registered for the full learning paths of your required training.

How do I register for a required course that is missing from my learning path?

Please open a case and provide the title(s) of the impacted learning paths. You can also try searching for the course via the Search Box.

Are there pre-requisites for compliance training?

Most credentials do not require pre-requisites. In the 2019 Partner Program, only the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Artificial Intelligence credential has a pre-requisite.

What languages are courses taught in?

Accreditation Sales curriculum are usually available in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Accreditation SE curriculum are usually available in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.

What is a Learning Path?

A learning path is a collection of courses required to earn an accreditation (credential).

How do I find more information about the partner program?

The Dell EMC Partner Program tiers each have their own revenue and training requirements, enabling partners to progress beyond the entry level Authorized status. The Dell EMC Requirements and Benefits document provides Solution Providers a framework for understanding the rebates and tier requirements of the Dell EMC Partner Program. To learn more about Dell EMC Requirements benefits. 

How do I learn more about the various Partner tracks?

The Dell Technologies Partner Program has multiple tracks for different Partner types or contact your Dell EMC Channel Program Account Manager to learn more about Partner program benefits and requirements.

How can I tell if may organization has satisfied the Dell EMC Partner Program Training & Revenue Requirements?

Metal Tiered Solution Providers of Gold, Platinum and Titanium tiers and strategic partners with high growth potential can follow their company training status using the Program Tracker. The tracker allows you to monitor training and revenue progress towards tier attainment requirements in the Dell EMC Partner Program. Only nominated partner contacts can access the tool.Authorized Solution Providers can contact your Dell EMC Channel Program Account Manager, or open a case.

How do I track my training requirements?

Learning path progress for an individual can be tracked. When you assign yourself a particular learning path, a progress bar in the top right-hand side of the screen will move from 0 to 100% as you complete the required modules. You can access your progress by clicking on ‘My Account’ in the top navigation menu of the Partner Academy.

Credential or certification completion can be tracked within CertTracker once you have met all the requirements. A Credential or Certification certificate will be available within five days. To view and print log in to access your account. 

Partner competency completion progress can be monitored with the Partner Tracker. The remaining training for each individual that has completed at least one required course for a competency, can be viewed by selecting Training in the menu within the tool and selecting a specific competency.  Training plans for the individuals that are the closest to completing a competency can be requested for each competency.  Select the training plan button to receive an email with a secure link to download the plan.

How does an individual request access to Program Tracker?

Only nominated contacts have access to Program Tracker since confidential Partner information is available within the tool. Nominated contacts that currently have Program Tracker access can request an individual to be changed or added by selecting the contact us button. Nominated contacts can also be updated by opening a case .

Why is my training not showing in Program Tracker?

Training records are updated daily. If you feel a training course has been completed and is not properly reflected after 48 hours, please open a case by selecting here.Please provide the company name, Partner ID (if available), user name and email address for anyone who seems to be missing from your competency training. We will check their records to ensure our information is as up to date and complete as possible.

When is the deadline to complete Competency training? What will happen if a partner loses an individual with a Credential or Certification tied to a Competency?

For a partner to qualify for the 2020 Dell EMC Partner Program, all Competency training must be completed by January 31, 2020. If a partner loses a resource that held a Credential or Certification tied to a portfolio or solutions Competency, they would need to replace and train a new resource for those roles by January 31, 2020, or risk losing a Competency and moving down in their tier status.

How do individuals gain a certification?  How do I print my Certificate for a completed credential?

Individuals will earn a Credential by completing the required modules within a specific learning path. Within five business days of completing the learning path, the learner can log in to their CertTracker, to view any Credentials that have been achieved and print the affiliated Certificate.

How do organizations print their certificate?

Nominated contacts for Metal Tiered Partners can print a certificate with their tier status within the Program Tracker.

Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification

What is Dell Technologies Proven Professional Proven Certification?

Dell Technologies Proven™ Professional is a leading education and certification program in the IT industry, providing comprehensive coverage of information storage technologies, virtualization, cloud computing, data science/big data analytics, and more. It offers a role-based series of courses and exams that cover the full range of Dell Technologies’ hardware, software, and solutions. Being Proven means investing in yourself and formally validating your knowledge, skills, and expertise by the industry’s most comprehensive learning and certification program. Join a community of dedicated professionals, share exclusive benefits, get Proven.

What is the difference between Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification and Dell Technologies Accreditation?

Dell Technologies Education Services provides training, accreditation, and certification to enable you to succeed within your preferred business models. Dell Technologies Proven Professional certification develops and validates technical skills through proctored exams in tracks such as Cloud Architect, Technology Architect, Systems Administrator, Implementation Engineer and Platform Engineer.

Accreditation develops readiness skills for positioning Dell Technologies solutions and is targeted at Dell Technologies Partner Sales and SE personnel.

How do I find information on Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification?

All information regarding Dell Technologies Proven Professional certification can be found in the Certification Overview page of this website. By navigating through the certification track pages, you will find a Learning Path for each specialty that includes exam descriptions, supporting curricula, and practice tests.

You can also look at the Certification framework. Here you will find a simple 4-step process to access all the information you need to become a Dell Technologies Proven Professional. 

How do I search by Products/Technology?

You can search by Products/Technology by using the Find Exam and Training tool.

How do I obtain certification vouchers for Dell Technologies Proven Professional exams?

Customers and partners can purchase vouchers. For further details please go to Certification Overview and scroll down to Step 3 under ‘How do I get certified’.

Dell employees can visit the voucher portal.  

Can I register for a Dell Technologies Proven Professional certification exam from this website?

Exam registration is through Pearson VUE, the sole provider of Dell Technologies Proven Professional exams.

What are the benefits of earning a Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification?

Earning a Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification is more than a credential, it is your opportunity to participate in a global community of Dell Technologies Proven Professionals and to earn other benefits. Benefits include Digital Badging, Knowledge Sharing, and Exam Development. Further details on these benefits can be found on the Benefits page.

Where can I locate further details on the Dell Technologies Proven Professional Program?

Check out the ‘Top Questions Answered by the Proven Professional Team’ on the Certification Overview Page under Useful Documents.

Training Credits

What are Training Credits?

Training Credits provide a convenient way to purchase Dell Technologies Education Services training while protecting your training budget. Valid for one (1) year from date of purchase. Training Credits provide you with the flexibility to purchase training and define a training plan at some later date.


What can Training Credits be used for?

Training Credits are redeemable toward any training course offered by Dell Technologies Education Services. One (1) Training Credit is equal to $1 USD and may vary by region.


What are the benefits of Training Credits?

1.  Easy to add training to your solution and enables you to safeguard your training budget.

2.  Save time and administrative costs by eliminating the need to open multiple purchase orders or credit card transactions.

3.  Redeem Training Credits for all training on Manage Training Credits for your entire organization for up to one year from date of invoice or purchase date.


Do Training Credits expire?

Yes, Training Credits will expire one (1) year from date of purchase.


How will I know if I have Training Credits available?

You will receive an email notification with instructions on how to redeem your Training Credits. If you do not receive an email notification, please contact your Dell Technologies Account Manager or contact us.


Where can I view my Training Credits balance?

To view you Training Credit Balance

1.  Login to your account on

2.  Follow the Navigation steps outlined in our User Tutorial located here


How do I manage my Training Credits as an Administrator for my organization?

This User Tutorial will demonstrate how to locate training credit balance, create a sub-organization and view history across all associated organizations.


How can I purchase Training Credits?

You can purchase Training Credits on our Purchase Options page. To access

1.  Visit


How can I determine the number of Training Credits I need?

Each class details page in the Education Services catalog details the number of Training Credits required to take the training. Alternately our Customer Experience Management team can help you identify your training needs and develop a training plan to determine the number of Training Credits you require.


 What type of training can Training Credits be redeemed against?

Training Credits can be redeemed for any training course offered by Dell Technologies Education.


How do I redeem my Training Credits?

1.  Login to your account on

2.  Follow the Navigation steps outlined in our User Tutorial located here


How soon can I use my Training Credits?

Training Credits are available for use as soon as the order invoice is generated.


If my scheduled class is canceled, will my Training Credits be returned to my account automatically?

Yes. Training Credits will be refunded to your account provided that the cancellation complies with the cancellation policy.


Can Training Credits be used for custom/onsite training engagements?

Yes. Please contact our Customer Experience Management to assist.





Redeeming Training Credits

What do I need to do first?

To purchase courses with your Training Credits (TC's) login to our Dell Technologies web site. To login simply select the "Login" icon in top right-hand corner of the main navigation. If you are not able to login, please contact us for assistance. 


My Logged in View

Once logged into the site mouse over the Account icon in the top-right of the screen and your Training Credit Balance will appear automatically on the bottom of the window pane. 


How do I Register for training?

Now you are ready to Register, and search for the course of your choice, from the main menu select "Training," and then "Browse all training". Select "Learn more" under the displayed results. 

If applicable, most of our courses require you to select a scheduled course, once identified select "Register" then view cart before selecting "Checkout"


How do I Checkout?

From this point select the option to pay with Training Credits and select "Check Out"


My Order Confirmation

Once you've successfully checked out and registered, you'll see the order confirmation appear.

Go to "My Training" to see the training details, launch training and view progress. 


My On Demand Learning Center


What is an ODLC?

ODLC is a learning engagement platform tailored specifically to fulfill individual, team, or organizational needs for on-demand learning by enabling immediate access to a collection of portfolio offerings. 


How can I access the ODLC?

To access your ODLC subscription, log into our Dell Technologies Education Services web site. To login simply select the "Login" icon in top right-hand corner of the main navigation. If you are not able to login, please contact us for assistance. Once logged into the site, mouse over the Account icon in the top-right of the screen and your My ODLC will appear automatically in the drop-down. 


Why is My ODLC not appearing under My Account?

If you are not seeing your OLDC subscription, it may be because you don’t have an account set up or your email address is not associated with an ODLC. Please contact us for further assistance. 


How do I access specific courses available in My ODLC? 

From the On-Demand Learning Center homepage, select the “My On-Demand Course Collection” tile. Learning paths, courses, and labs associated with your subscription will appear for your selection.  


What is a Learning Path? 

Learning Paths consist of courses that develop knowledge and skills for a targeted competency.  


How do I register for a Learning Path? 

From On-Demand Course Collection page, select the Learning Path name, and then select “Get Started” or “Register” to gain immediate access. 


Why do I see a cost associated with the course? 

Since the package you’ve selected is already included in your ODLC collection, you will not be charged. 


How do I register for a course/video? 

Select view details on the “Learning Path Progress” page and from the “Assigned Learning Path Details” view you can register, view progress or launch a course.  


How do I view my progress?  

Select "View Details" or the Learning Path name to view Learning Path details, enroll in courses, or to view your progress. 


Is the access to the Store separate from the ODLC? 

Yes, the Store enables a learner to perform a broader search on our Education Catalog contained outside of the ODLC collection.


What should I do if I cannot locate an OnDemand course in the ODLC collection?

Please contact your account administrator for assistance.


Do I need a separate account to access the ODLC? 

No. Partners can access the OLDC once logged into Education Services, from My Account.


For how long can I access the ODLC?

The contract expiration is dependent on the Partner’s specific plan. During this time, a Partner may access on-demand courses within their plan as often as they like.


Can the ODLC be accessed by a team of individuals? 

The ODLC set up enables access to individuals or teams within a plan. 


What audience types can leverage ODLC? 

The ODLC is available to External Audience Types, and the on-demand courses are tagged “External” facing. 


Can a Distributor purchase the team plan and assign courses to their Resellers?

The ODLC is set up for company access only. One account cannot currently be used across multiple companies.

Virtual Class

Not everybody learns the same way, or at the same pace. Some prefer a classroom environment, others do well with self-paced methods that are easier on their time and budget. Dell Technologies Education Services has a highly “blended” approach to learning, offering several training modalities. 

Virtual Class (formerly known as Online Instructor-Led Training or Online ILT)

A real-time interactive training experience where students participate online to access the virtual classroom. Lecture, discussion, questions and answers, and lab exercises make this a rich and flexible training experience.