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Knowledge Sharing is a platform for certified Dell Technologies Proven Professionals to submit articles that showcase their expertise, unique deployments, best practices, or any relevant topic of interest.

Each year, the program invites certified Proven Professionals to demonstrate their thought-leadership by participating in a Knowledge Sharing competition, a fun, and slightly competitive way of sharing the vast amount of knowledge among our certified audience. Authors whose articles are selected by our panel of judges are recognized and awarded at our Dell Technologies Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing award ceremony during Dell Technologies World.

Today, the Knowledge Sharing Library is host to 500+ articles and videos covering topics from Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cloud Computing & Security, Storage platforms and more. We are nearing 3 million downloads from the KS Library, a true testament to the power of sharing knowledge.

Ready to join the community of published authors? Competitions generally run October – May.




2021 Knowledge Sharing Winners Announced


The 2021 Knowledge Sharing Winners accept their awards at the ceremony.


1st Place - 2021 Knowledge Sharing Competition

How Computer Science Helps Car Technology

Bruce Yellin

In this Knowledge Sharing article, awarded 1st Place in the 2021 Knowledge Sharing Competition, Bruce Yellin examines the innovations coming in computing automotive technology that will transform the way we drive.

Bruce takes the reader on a journey of how vehicles used to work and how they work today with the infusion of microprocessors. His narrative is discussed in a clear, accurate way to provide a fresh view of the changes occurring in your driveway and the way the automobile is becoming a platform for technology.

2nd Place - 2021 Knowledge Sharing Competition

Can Technology Reshape Americas Election System?

Bruce Yellin

In this Knowledge Sharing article, awarded 2nd Place in the 2021 Knowledge Sharing Competition, Bruce Yellin examines the challenges faced by IT voting systems and what can be done to improve them to help voters make informed and rational decisions imperative to America’s future.

Bruce discusses the current state of elections and the specter of fraud that threatens to undermine our constitutional rights. He also explores questions on support for smart device voting, ways to end long polling lines, and how our government security officials attempt to and often succeed at preventing cyberterrorists from influencing our rights.

3rd Place - 2021 Knowledge Sharing Competition

DPUs: Acceleration Through Disaggregation

Hussein Baligh
Senior Advisor, Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies

Ebrahim Serag
Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies

Sameh Talaat
Senior Advisor, Customer/Technical Training
Dell Technologies

Yehia Gaballah
Sales Engineer Analyst, Data Protection Solutions
Dell Technologies

For years, the computing industry was dominated by the traditional x86 central processing unit (CPU)-centric architecture. Introduction of the Data Processing Unit (DPU) empowers us to rethink data centers around their most precious commodity – the data itself – putting us on the path to a true data-centric model.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, awarded 3rd Place in the 2021 Knowledge Sharing Competition, Hussein Baligh, Sameh Talaat, Ebrahim Serag, and Yehia Gaballah examine revolutionary use cases enhanced by the DPU, such as Hyperscale Cloud, Next Gen Networking, Next Gen Storage and GPU/Compute.

Best of IT Transformation

AI Role in IT Before and During Covid-19


Mikhail Gloukhovtsev
Sr. Solutions Architect
Digital Solutions,
Cloud & IoT
Orange Business Services

In the wake of COVID-19 cloud migration has become the key component of IT service strategy. In this Knowledge Sharing article, awarded Best of IT Transformation in the 2021 Knowledge Sharing Competition, Mikhail Gloukhovtsev goes in-depth to help readers understand how AI transforms traditional IT services and enable them to develop AI-powered IT service strategies post-COVID-19.

Mikhail discusses how AIOps plays a major role in cloud migration success, demonstrates how AI enables cloud operations (CloudOps) efficiency and considers the emerging concept of Edge AI, recognizing the move to remote working caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best of Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing as a Savior (QCaaS)

Malik Radwan
Senior Presales Solution Architect
Dell Technologies

Aly Hussein
Business Operations Analyst
Dell Technologies

In this Knowledge Sharing article, awarded Best of Quantum Computing in the 2021 Knowledge Sharing Competition, Malik Radwan and Aly Hussein introduce the ‘Quantum Computing as a Service’ (QCaaS) model along with its various use cases currently open to the public.

Bridging classical computing and the vast possibilities of the quantum computing realm, the authors examine the principles of QCaaS and its underlying infrastructure, unveil the current progress of hardware, algorithms and ‘as a Service’ offerings currently in use, and discuss current challenges and stumbling blocks.




2021 Publication Schedule

Title Category Author(s) Summary
Impact of 5G and Digital Transformation on Storage 5G / Storage Likith P,
Sales Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies


Sanna Meer,
Sales Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies
This article provides an overview of how modern businesses and technologies are or will use 5G to transform user experience. Topics such as digital transformation with 5G, various 5G industrial use-cases, taking 5G to the cloud and the impact of 5G on the economy are discussed and examined.
Occupational Safety with AI Artificial Intelligence Dhriva Kumar,
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies

Aruna Kolluru,
Chief Technologist Artificial Intelligence, APJ Dell Technologies

Hari Narayanan S,
Sales Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies


Rahul Joseph,
Sales Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies
This article examines how AI can help improve occupational safety in a number of industries. It focuses on using AI technology to analyze data in real-time and provide meaningful output, such as a system of warnings to ensure workplace or occupational safety. Implementation methods of this technology in various industries and advantages and disadvantages of using AI to ensure Occupational Safety are also discussed.
Dell EMC PowerScale with Superna for Healthcare Cybersecurity Sai Ganesh,
Sales Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies

Nidhi Shree,
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies


Akshay U,
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies
This article explores threats faced by healthcare organizations, the current status, and best practices that can help healthcare organizations defend against ransomware. Also discussed is how Dell EMC PowerScale's layered cybersecurity approach along with Superna offerings such as Superna Ransomware Defender, Superna Easy Audit, and Superna Gold Copy Virtual AirGap offers simplified and automated solutions to healthcare customers to ensure business continuity and protection against ransomware. 
Title Category Author(s) Summary
Securing Industries with Cyber Recovery Cybersecurity Sindhu Hedge
Systems Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies


Varun Christian
Systems Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies
Protecting data and being able to recover it correctly whenever required is a top priority of businesses across all industries – financial, healthcare, education, and more. This article provides an overview of Dell Technologies' Power Protect Cyber Recovery air-gapped, vault solution and how it differs from having a backup/replicated copy.  
Infrastructure as Code DevOps Rahul Joseph
Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies


Rani Priya S
Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies
Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) is the DevOps tactic of managing and provisioning infrastructure through machine-readable definition files, rather than physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools. This article explores how customers adopt and develop IaC, which support is currently available, i.e. typically used tools and their advantages/disadvantages, and the practitioner's needs when dealing with IaC development, maintenance, and evolution.
DataIQ – Empowering Data-first Strategy Storage Prateek Bhat
Associate Sales Engineer Analyst
Dell Technologies
This article explains how Dell EMC’s DataIQ software addresses today’s data asset management needs, helping data asset managers and stakeholders discover all their unstructured data anywhere, across billions of files and objects throughout the enterprise in 3 simple steps.
Eliminate Risk through Data Protection Monitoring Data Protection

Mike van der Steen
Principal Systems Engineer Dell Technologies

Data Protection Advisor (DPA) is more than just basic backup reporting; it includes an analytic engine which can inspect data protection activities, run them against a set of predefined rules and enable compliance-based reporting to help organisations determine data protection risk exposure. This article offers a deeper understanding of the power of DPA, how reports are created – Including, a section on how reports can be customized to meet the specific requirements – and what business insights can be gleaned from them.

Title Category Author(s) Summary
Get Ready for Edge Computing Edge

Victor Wu
Senior Solution Expert,
Business Consultation,
BoardWare Information System Limited


Joe Yip
Solution Architect
A distributed computing architecture, edge computing brings computation, data storage and enterprise applications closer to data sources such as IoT devices or local edge servers. This article introduces the strategy and technology of edge computing to perform consistent operation and management on infrastructure, data, applications and security. Recommendations for planning edge computing are featured to help readers successfully deploy edge environments, develop management strategies, create new business opportunities and successfully innovate and transform.
Application Modernization using VMware Tanzu Applications Sathish Kumar


Shilpa Bhasker
The switch to microservices architecture is on as major organizations recognize that it allows them to become more agile and responsive to consumer demands; two key aspects for success in the modern economy. This article provides a high-level overview of “Microservices”, how it differs from traditional monolithic services architecture and the advantages of adopting a microservices approach.
Title Category Author(s) Summary
So, You Want to be a  Principal Systems Engineer? Career Development Brian Dehn While this article does not address the specific ‘check box’ requirements that a technology vendor may mandate for achieving Principal – normally documented as part of a formal Principal program – it does provide the author’s advice, suggestions, and recommendations based on his personal experience as a Principal Systems Engineer and addresses how you might achieve the same or greater success in your career.
Ease Operations with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Containers Amal D Nair,
Anitha Rosely
Anirudh Sandur
Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI) facilitates deployment and operation of Kubernetes clusters, enabling containers to be run and managed at scale on private and public clouds. This article provides an overview of how TKGI deployment eases day one and day two operations, and ensures consistency across data center, public cloud, and edge. How Dell Technologies PowerStore is compatible with this deployment and further eases operability and management is also discussed.
Unravel Customer Landscape with Asset Discovery Data Analytics Divya Jyothi V
Karishma R
Asset discovery and management is used to plan, optimize, execute, and track the needed tech refreshes, maintenance renewal activities or digital transformation with the correlated information, budget, priorities, skills, trainings and anything pertaining to drive a business or opportunity. This article discusses asset discovery and asset management using various Dell EMC tools, the need to understand the basis of having a strong “must-have” aspects of asset discovery, and what to do with the information you’ve discovered.
Title Category Author(s) Summary
IoT Security: Challenges and Future Trends Cybersecurity Ranjisha R
Sowmya S Gowda
IoT is now mainstream and represents a significant opportunity for the global economy, society and business. With this expansion, security becomes a major concern. Adopting a security-focused mind-set helps IoT product and service providers mitigate risks ranging from cybersecurity threats to regulatory action. This artilce provides insights on cybersecurity of IoT devices, along with some major applications in industries, research challenges and trends.
Importance of Data Integration in the Data Decade  Data / Storage / Business Intelligence Bhavana Sayiram This article discusses the need and benefits of proper data integration, its impact on the business and how the principles of Modern Data Integration resolve bottlenecks created with the Extraction, Transform, Load (ETL) process. It addresses key areas of concern and provides foundational knowledge of an often overlooked aspect of being a data-driven organization; assembling an organization’s data into a usable structure. The detailed ETL process is very helpful and concise. 
Intelligent Spaces Artificial Intelligence Amal D Nair
B Ranjeeth
This article provides an overview of how sensors and logics can be used to make a surrounding environment smarter and more efficient. The authors explore deployment of Smart Spaces using sensor tables and how automation eases operability of the space. Also discussed are operational challenges and how they can be addressed by tweaking some of the logic to improve system performance and efficiency. 
Title Category Author(s) Summary
NetWorker Clone Optimization Data Protection Anay Pathak
Deepak Verma

The need to clone data is normally driven by a requirement for additional protection or the need to move data to a specific media type or location. In both cases, the priority is to secure the data as quickly as possible. Cloning and staging enables more effective use of storage devices by moving data between different types of devices. This article explains how to achieve two backup copies without Clone Controlled Replication (CCR).

Connected Vehicle Cloud Platform Cloud Jithin Raj
Vaishnavi Adiyodi
Convergence of autonomous, connected, electric and shared mobility technologies is radically altering how people and goods move, presenting a vast opportunity for the automobile industry. This article discusses how the automobile industry can leverage a cloud paltform to efficiently collect, process, analyze, and store valuable data assets to realize a number of positive business outcomes.
Microservices: Independently Deployable Services Applications Swati Sinha,
Anirudh Sandur
Anuj Seth
Microservices is a highly scalable architecture for developing software applications, enabling organizations to become more agile and responsive to consumer demands. This article serves as a reference document for anyone looking to understand Microservices and its architecture and will also provide a starting point for considering Microservices best practices. How Microservice architecture is optimized for development of cloud-native applications is also discussed along with a use-case to explore boundaries and advantages of Microservices.
Title Category Author(s) Summary
Microsegmentation: Defense in Depth Cybersecurity Sathish Kumar
Varun M
Organizations use microsegmentation – a method of creating zones in data centers and cloud environments to isolate workloads from one another and secure them individually – to reduce the network attack surface, improve breach containment and strengthen regulatory compliance. This article explores microsegmentation technology and techniques, traditional models of VM security and why the future of virtualization security is microsegmentation, with a focus on VMware NSX.
Autodiscovery Proxy To Protect Cloud Resources Data Protection Pablo Calvo,
Rex Torti,
Claudio Jeniec
Norman Arteaga 
Data protection in the cloud has become more challenging and complex, as data may be geographically dispersed over multiple data centers in public, private and hybrid cloud environments as well as on-premises locations. This article discusses how to use Dell Technologies data protection products to protect any set of cloud data, discovering them dynamically through "Autodiscovery Proxy To Protect Cloud Resources", an effective, integrable, easy to deploy and low-cost solution that covers the gap in current cloud backup solutions.
Beginner’s Guide To Storage Storage Chetan Gowda When customers purchase capacity for their Storage system, they may not get to use the entire capacity that they purchase; in most cases, raw capacity does not equal usable capacity. This article explains the basics of storage capacity in a Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. The article is especially helpful for non-technical people working as an analyst to understand the basic concepts around capacity in a SAN world, which will help them design technical storage solutions.
Title Category Author(s) Summary
Digital Twins – Promises and Concerns Virtualization Srishma HS
Akshay A G
A Digital Twin – a digital representation of a physical object or system – is at the core of the fourth industrial revolution (or Industry 4.0) which embraces automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies. This article discusses the significance, concerns and unlimited possibilities surrounding this nascent technology, highlighting distinct applications including Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, and Space Research.
Being Black in Tech Business Strategy / Diversity Kevin Moore This article offers insight on the unique challenges Black professionals encounter in IT and suggests a framework to help companies move from promoting diversity and inclusion, to practicing it. The author explores recommendations that include tangible steps to help companies transform their stated ideals into reality.
The Data Center of the Future Data Center Sai Ganesh This article evaluates various technologies that increase efficiency and decrease energy consumption in data centers. A variety of issues faced by data centers, the current status, and future technologies that can make data centers sustainable are detailed. Data center architecture design best practices are presented for consideration. The author also looks at what the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) program is and how manufacturers can use the EPEAT Registry to build sustainable hardware that goes into the data centers.
Title Category Author(s) Summary
Video Cybersecurity Kurt Rybczyk A cyber event is no time to be looking for a runbook or searching for procedures on how to recover the backup application. This video shows how fast and simple it is to perform an automated recovery of Dell Technologies NetWorker with the Cyber Recovery software.  With just a couple of clicks, the application is ready to perform restores in the vault, hastening your ability to begin to recover from a cyber event.
Guidelines to Size DD in a Cyber Recovery Vault Cybersecurity Yashaswini N,
Abhijith M
Shrishti Shetty
Destructive attacks like ransomware are on the rise. Beyond the production environment, the latest enticing target for an attacker is backup and disaster recovery data. The first step toward protecting these assets is to plan how to efficiently recover from cyber-attacks by having backups that don’t get encrypted by ransomware. This article presents guidelines on how to size Dell Technologies Cyber Recovery Vault Data Domain to achieve unparalleled protection against debilitating and costly ransomware.
Video Surveillance Options in a Smart City Storage Varun Christian
Sindhu Hegde
This article provides an overview of how Dell Technologies product portfolio plays a vital role in Video Surveillance (VS) incorporated in a smart city. Good, Better, and Best options are presented for implementing VS depending upon the scale of the smart city, along with the benefits and challenges.
Title Category Author(s) Summary
Data Domain Sizing Best Practices Backup Pragathi R S,
Mohammed Moueen
Shilpa Bhasker
This article covers key factors that affect capacity requirements of Data Domain, how the solution builder sizing toolcan be used to calculate usable capacity of Data Domain and how to avoid sizing for incorrect usable capacity and the importance of Blue-Green charts for sizing. 
Fine-Tuning Replication Using DSP Data Protection Mohammed Moueen
Anamika Kumari 
This article is intended for Dell Technologies sales, presales and post-sales personnel interested in acquiring high-level understanding of the Distributed Segment Processing (DSP) architecture to fine-tune customer’s current backup and replication process and making it more efficient.
Urban Edge Computing: Server-less, Better, Cheaper Edge Computing Shadaab Mohiuddin
Tabraiz Amman
The concept of Serverless Computing at the edge is still in its infancy. This article analyzes function execution times in cloudlets, edge and micro datacenter and explores integration support and scalability cost constraints associated with serverless services provided by various vendors: Google Cloud Functions, AWS Lambda@Edge , AWS Greengrass, and Azure Functions.