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  • Dell Technologies Client Portfolio
  • PowerEdge
  • PowerProtect
  • PowerStore
  • PowerScale
  • Dell Technologies Cloud Updates
  • Storage Mega Launch

Dell Technologies Client Portfolio


Introducing the new Dell Technologies Client Portfolio ​

​The 2022 Dell Technologies Client Portfolio is designed to help you fuel growth in your business while bringing the latest innovation to hybrid workforces in a more efficient, flexible and sustainable way.


Partner Resources and Training​

Explore key highlights of the new portfolio below and access dedicated training content to begin your successful sales and marketing journey.

Dell Latitude Laptops

Improve collaboration and connectivity with the Dell Latitude portfolio, the world’s most secure and intelligent commercial PCs. 3

Dell OptiPlex Desktops and Thin Client

Win new business with the Dell OptiPlex desktop and thin client portfolio that lets your customers personalize their workspace.

Dell Precision Workstations

Add more value and power by transitioning customers from a Dell Latitude laptop or OptiPlex desktop to a Dell Precision workstation.

Displays and Client Peripherals 

Increase your profitability by offering purpose-built displays and accessories that enhance the hybrid work experience.

Help customers embrace the future of work by:

  • Accelerating hybrid work: leverage the latest solutions to help customers modernize their IT environment.
  • Enabling intelligent user experiences: the 2022 Client Portfolio is differentiated by our AI-based Dell Optimizer inbuilt software that delivers improved privacy, personalized performance and intelligent collaboration from anywhere.
  • Protecting data and devices: you can help customers strengthen security across their IT environment with the capability to detect, protect and respond to advanced threats.

Demand Generation Center

Visit the Demand Generation Center to get the latest 2022 Client Portfolio sales and marketing content.


To access our full Dell Technologies Client Portfolio training, select the options below:


Partner Value Proposition and Benefits ​

Use the 2022 Dell Technologies Client Portfolio to move your business forward, increase sales and deliver even greater value to your customers.

Client Portfolio and the Partner Program are is designed to provide you with:

  • A more sustainable, industry-leading commercial offering, differentiated by Dell Optimizer1.
  • The chance to earn 3x rebate multipliers2 by upselling from a Dell Latitude laptop or Dell OptiPlex desktop to Dell Precision workstations.
  • The chance to earn 2x rebate multipliers2 by attaching Dell displays and accessories that enhance the hybrid work experience.
  • PCaaS that modernizes IT consumption, advances the circular economy and increases your eligibility for additional service rebates2.


1Dell Optimizer available on Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision PCs. Excludes OptiPlex 3000 series, Latitude 3310 2-in-1 and Latitude Chromebook Enterprise.

2Eligibility criteria applies. Learn more about Dell Partner rebates and incentives.

3Based on internal analysis, October 2021. Dell Optimizer available in 2020 devices, not available in. Feature availability and functionality varies by model.


Deliver the difference with Dell EMC PowerEdge​

​As workloads change and IT evolves, customers need advanced and agile server technology they can rely on to give them the speed, capabilities, and security their business needs.​

With the Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio, you can drive profitable growth in your business by promoting solutions from one of the world’s leading server providers and help deliver the end-to-end, flexible technology that customers crave as they innovate, adapt, and grow in today’s fast-moving and relentlessly competitive markets.​


Optimized IT that drives innovation​

The much-anticipated launch of the next-generation PowerEdge and OpenManage portfolio sees all server models being refreshed in 2021 and the introduction of a family of new servers and the latest OpenManage Enterprise advancements.​

​The latest PowerEdge server portfolio is designed to drive innovation through intelligent collaboration – everywhere. Our advanced servers deliver impressive performance in three key areas, enabling you to help customers drive innovations across their IT infrastructure and wider business operations with ultimate ease:​

  • Adaptive Compute​
    Address evolving compute demands with purpose-built technology for your customers’ critical business requirements.​
  • Autonomous Compute Infrastructure​
    Respond rapidly to platform requirements with intelligent tools that integrate information and processes – to enable digital transformation and productivity.​
  • Proactive Resilience​
    Enhance business resiliency with proactive capabilities that drive trusted interactions across your customers’ businesses.​


Partner Value Proposition and Benefits​

Capitalize on PowerEdge business opportunities​

Promote the latest PowerEdge solutions, and you can help organizations of all sizes take advantage of optimized server and systems management technologies – realizing significant benefits for your own business while helping customers to drive innovation in theirs.

Explore and open up new opportunities:

  • Earn trusted technology provider status and be the go-to partner for helping customers manage their server requirements and data growth, while protecting their long-term investment.​
  • Build a recurring business and revenue stream by providing customers with an agile server architecture that can scale seamlessly.​
  • Show customers how they can cut the complexity of data storage by consolidating their IT architecture across data center, public cloud, and edge.​
  • Capitalize on upselling opportunities by promoting PowerEdge alongside other software, storage, and networking technology.​
  • Explore all available tech refresh opportunities – to help customers consolidate data into a single platform, eliminate data siloes, consolidate devices, and reduce licensing costs.​
  • Accelerate your customers’ adoption of their new technology and increase your business rewards when you resell complementary Services.​
  • Realize even greater profit potential when you co-deliver deployment services.​
  • Extend the deployment and manageability of our servers into your own Services offerings. ​


Partner Resources

Dedicated resources to help you drive demand

Explore dedicated resources to help you market and sell next-generation PowerEdge server solutions to existing customers and new prospects alike. ​

​These include announcement videos from our executive team – covering topics ranging from the market opportunity and sales insights, through to a technical deep dive and how to build demand in your customer base. ​

Explore the PowerEdge-on-demand center now – and start planning your campaign today! ​


You can also leverage these assets to learn more about the next-generation PowerEdge and OpenManage portfolio:​

Next Gen PowerEdge & OpenManage Portfolio Success Pack

PowerEdge & OpenManage Sales Guide

PowerEdge & OpenManage Portfolio Video

PowerEdge & OpenManage Digital Marketing Tool

PowerEdge Servers powered by AMD Success Pack – Coming Soon ​


In addition, leverage these eLearning assets to learn more about PowerEdge


Title Description Other Languages
AMD Milan Server Updates – Technical​ In this course, you'll hear the latest messaging for PowerEdge and OpenManage, prepare to discuss the AMD Milan CPU refresh with your customers and find out the details of markets, workloads and technical specifications for the R6515, R6525, R7515, R7525 and C6525.​ Coming Soon


Powering up the PowerProtect appliance portfolio with the new DP series:​

Last year we powered up Dell EMC data protection with the introduction of PowerProtect DD series appliances, the next generation of Data Domain. Today we take another step with announcement of PowerProtect DP series, the next generation of IDPA. Together they further reinforce Dell Technologies position as #1 in Purpose Built Backup Appliances (PBBA) as tracked by IDC, delivering proven and modern data protection to help fuel our customers digital transformation.​

The Dell EMC PowerProtect DP series are integrated appliances that deliver all-in-one protection software and storage in a single appliance. As the next generation integrated data protection appliance, the DP series delivers simplified protection, improved efficiency and increased agility for your data in multi-cloud, core and edge environments. The DP series supports cloud and VMware ecosystems to deliver industry-leading multi-cloud protection. Power your possibilities with simple, efficient and agile data protection. The DP series offers broad application ecosystem support with worldwide support and service, flexible consumption models and investment protection with the Future-Proof Program.​

This rebrand and tech refresh (except DP4400) of the DP series applies to following appliances:​

​DP4400 (no tech refresh)​





Partner Value Proposition and Benefits​

Protecting digital assets and ensuring their availability requires proven and comprehensive storage and software tools to work in unison. Ensure your customer’s data is safe across edge, core and cloud with a unified solution for backup, replication and recovery for physical and virtual workloads.​

Market opportunities​

  • The breadth of our portfolio means that your customers can meet their data protection goals without having to bring in multiple vendors, which can increase the risk/cost of data loss according to our Global Data Protection Index research. As the market continues to grow, the opportunity is to help existing customers with their current and future data protection needs as well as garner new customers interested in refreshing their current data protection solutions while planning for a strong future.​

  • PowerProtect Appliances offer a range of powerful enterprise data protection solutions suited to organizations of all sizes – enterprise to mid-sized business to remote office branch office (ROBO).​

  • Flexible consumption options with Flex on Demand ​


Sales opportunities​

  • Earn trusted partner status by becoming the go to partner for helping customers manage their data protection needs and protect their long-term investment​

  • Dell is the only DP vendor that offers solutions fully optimized for VMware applications/environments​

  • Build a recurring business and revenue stream by providing customers with a data protection architecture that helps drive costs down and efficiency up while helping meet cloud, VMware and cyber recovery requirements. ​

  • Promote the ability to reduce the complexity of data storage by consolidating their IT architecture across the data center, public cloud and the edge. ​

  • Dell has the platforms you can pivot to when you sell Cloud, or sell Cyber Recovery solutions​

  • Explore tech refresh opportunities. Tech refresh for the DP series allows partners to offer the same value/efficiency as DD series. ​

  • PowerProtect DP4400 midrange solution allows partners to access the lucrative midrange market – a market ripe with opportunity for partners​

  • Accelerate your customer’s adoption of their new technology, increase your rebate potential, and meet partner tier requirements when you resell complementary Services, such as Residency or Data Migration Services ​

  • Realize even greater margin potential when you co-deliver deployment services with the appropriate competencies, or resell ProDeploy to support rapid and effective deployment ​


Dell Technologies On Demand​

Dell Technologies On Demand provides more choice, flexibility, and predictability in how you and your customers consume IT infrastructure in today’s on-demand economy. Our wide range of consumption models and as-a-service offerings combine flexible payment solutions with value-added professional services, helping your customers free up resources and focus priorities on innovation. ​


Choose from:​

  • ​Pay as you go – make predictable payments over an agreed upon cycle – and grow over time at a pre-determined rate​
  • Pay as you use – Measure actual usage, set baseline capacity needs with the flexibility to elastically scale on demand​

  • Provided as a Service – Let us manage and maintain the technology, aligned to SLAs, and bill as resources are consumed​

​Our consumption models and offerings are available for our integrated full-stack solutions, optimized for a diverse range of environments and engineered for a vast array of popular business applications and use cases. And of course, everything is based on our innovative end-to-end portfolio of leading IT infrastructure technologies, relied upon by so many organizations around the world.​

Part of the Future-Proof Program

Help customers realize the value of today’s infrastructure safe in the knowledge that their investment is protected long-term with Dell Technologies’ Future-Proof Program.  ​

•   Optimize the lifecycle of their infrastructure with confidence through guaranteed IT outcomes​

•   Seamlessly modernize their infrastructure with the latest technologies​

•   Eliminate future cost uncertainties with predictable planning ​


Rebates & incentives​

•   Engage in activities throughout the sales life cycle and redeem rebates in your region​

•   Lucrative MDF programs to support lead generation campaigns - take advantage of pre-designed and approved marketing         content to open doors to further funding opportunities to create demand​

•   New business incentives - storage portfolio competency will qualify for category A rebates dependent on                        Partner tier.Partners may qualify for acquisition accounts NBI*. ​

​*Refer to Partner Portal for more information about rebates and incentives. ​


We've collated several announcement videos from our executive team – covering topics from the market opportunity and sales insights, through to a technical deep dive and how to build demand in your customer base. We have also added additional resource content that you will find interesting if you want to learn more.



In addition, leverage these eLearning assets to learn more about PowerProtect:

PowerProtect Appliance Overview This course provides an overview of the capabilities and uses of our PowerProtect appliance, and their role in upholding and safeguarding the integrity of your customer’s data.​ Coming Soon
PowerProtect Integrated Appliance Technical Overview This course provides a technical overview of Dell EMC’s PowerProtect Integrated Appliance (PPIA). It includes an overview of its key uses and value proposition.​ Coming Soon
PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Solution Overview​ This eLearning course introduces the Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution, designed to serve as the foundation of an overall cyber resiliency strategy.​  
PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Technical Overview​ This module discusses the Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution, designed to serve as the foundation of an overall cyber resiliency strategy.​  
PowerProtect Data Manager Technical Overview​ In this course, we will be covering PowerProtect Data Manager and its capabilities.​  


Leverage these sales resources to better understand the opportunity:​

​For even more assets, you can leverage the Knowledge Center for Dell EMC PowerProtect​

PowerStore Revolution Continues!​


Dell Technologies Turns Up the Power on Dell EMC PowerStore with Greater Performance and Automation.  PowerStore is Dell Technologies’ next generation storage appliance. It provides customers with an infrastructure that will accelerate digital transformation. Designed for the data era, PowerStore supports both traditional and modern workloads, from edge, to core, to cloud.​


  • New Dell EMC PowerStore software improves workload performance by up to 25%

Enhancements in PowerStoreOS 2.0 can be applied to new and existing PowerStore appliances with zero disruptions to customer operations.  Enterprises undergoing digital transformation are looking for performance and flexibility to better help them accommodate demanding new workloads and better consolidate existing ones in distributed environments.  The incorporation of new technologies and enterprise-class storage management capabilities into lower cost storage like the Dell EMC PowerStore 500 provide additional options for customers even as they drive more value for the money.​


  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning enhancements drive cost savings and up to 15% lower workload latency​

PowerStore updates automate data processes and deliver greater cost savings.  PowerStore’s automation capabilities are complimented by Dell EMC CloudIQ, storage monitoring and analytics software that uses artificial and human intelligence to deliver real-time performance and capacity insights.​


  • New PowerStore 500 model offers lower cost, enterprise performance to businesses of all sizes​

The PowerStore 500 delivers enterprise performance and storage services at an accessible price point. PowerStore 500 is suitable to businesses of any size and can be used in remote or branch locations, edge environments or larger IT deployments. It’s also available through Flex On Demand, allowing customers to acquire the technology they need with payments that scale to match actual usage.  Dell EMC PowerStore’s unique architecture, automation capabilities and performance help our customers tackle today and tomorrow’s IT challenges.  The PowerStore 500’s low cost and extreme performance make it a compelling addition to the PowerStore family from a partner perspective and new performance and automation updates give customers even more reasons to choose Dell Technologies storage.​


  • Nearly twenty percent of PowerStore buyers are new to Dell Technologies storage​


Refer to the Launch Blog for additional information.


As a partner, what does this mean for you?


  • PowerStore 500: Explore medium business opportunities with the new cost-effective entry model​
  • Own the Midrange: Estimated at $18.6B1  the midrange market is the fastest growing storage market – which makes PowerStore a great business opportunity for you​
  • New opportunities: Take advantage of opportunities with customers that have performance growth orientated workloads and large database applications and satellite operations​

​           1 IDC Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker: Q3 of CY2019   ​

Resources for Partners

PowerStore is here, and we’re excited to share as much information as possible with you so that you can market PowerStore to your resellers. Our executive team has created several announcement videos covering topics from the market opportunity and sales insights,  to a technical deep dive and how to build demand for PowerStore.   ​

Watch the exclusive announcement from Dell Technologies’ Shannon Champion. You will learn how PowerStore’s new OS has evolved to offer more enterprise features and advanced intelligence to organizations looking to achieve their digital transformation goals, as well as the opportunities Intel®-based PowerStore, in particular PowerStore 500, offers partners in the growing midrange storage market.​

Join Kyle Leciejewski as he shares exclusive PowerStore sales insights. He provides a comprehensive update on PowerStore’s new 500 model, areas of opportunity for partners to build sales momentum, and attractive discounts and incentives to help you succeed. Deliver digital transformation for your customers and gain a competitive advantage in the market.​

Join Jodey Hogeland​ on a detailed, pre-sales walkthrough of PowerStore. He will provide an update on the new OS and take you through the key features and functions of PowerStore 500. You will learn how PowerStore’s Intel®-based, next-generation storage solution differentiates from other competitors in the market.​

Join Lori Ott and Kathleen D’Angelo as they discuss the Services opportunities that PowerStore offers you and learn how to grow your profitability from an initial sale, resale, and enablement perspective.​

​This quick update from Roelof Holwerda will summarize the resources, tools, and campaigns available to help you effectively generate demand for Intel®-based PowerStore.​



In addition, leverage these eLearning assets to learn more about PowerStore:


PowerStore Competitive Guidance In this video-based training we provide a brief review of the latest competitive trends and resources aligned to PowerStore. Learn to locate and engage the right resources to support your deals. Chinese  Japanese  Korean  Portuguese  Spanish  French  German
PowerStore Product Overview
In this training module, we will look at the customer challenges and use cases PowerStore has been designed to address, describe the main differentiators we bring to the table, and how to position our value proposition.

Chinese  Korean

Japanese French German Spanish Portuguese


PowerStore Technical Overview
In this training module, we will look at PowerStore's architecture and key features, discuss how these have been designed to address the primary customer use cases, and provide guidance for technical qualification.

Chinese Japanese

Korean  Spanish




Leverage these sales resources to better understand the opportunities to earn more:

Use the PowerStore Acceleration Pack to navigate all the sales, marketing, and enablement materials to drive your success in the market.

Use the PowerStore Quick Selling Guide to understand the key benefits and features to position with your customers.

Leverage the Partner Demand Generation Center on the Partner Portal for assets to leverage in your sales campaigns.

For even more assets, you can leverage the Knowledge Center for Dell EMC PowerStore


Help your customers unlock their data potential

Unstructured data holds huge potential to help business leaders understand results, anticipate what’s coming, and act quickly on risk and opportunity. And it’s growing at a phenomenal rate in terms of volume, variety and velocity

IDC predicts that by 2025 80% of data growth will be unstructured data and this data will be created and processed outside of the data center or cloud. This explosive growth will require organizations to invest in scalable infrastructure solutions that:

  • Unlock the potential within their data – from edge, to core, to cloud, and can scale in terms of capacity and performance
  • Handles diverse and unpredictable workloads running in multiple locations
  • Makes it easy to find and alanyse data

What they need is expert support and guidance to help them maximize the value from their unstructured data and turn it into valuable business insights.

And with the launch of PowerScale, as a Dell Technologies partner you’re now ideally placed to help your customers manage their unstructured data and capitalize on its intrinsic business value.

PowerScale delivers Simplicity at Any Scale to handle Any data, Anywhere and with Intelligent Insights.

Simplicity at any scale - With PowerScale capacity and performance are provisioned only as needed without having to over-provision storage or resort to fork-lift upgrades. With a single namespace, single file system environments and enterprise-class data services, customers get simplicity, flexibility, and performance with increased efficiency and new automation capabilities – all at a lower cost.

Any data, anywhere - PowerScale delivers increased flexibility and agility, optimized data placement and access. It can handle a wide variety of data types with support for  protocols including NFS, SMB, HDFS, S3, REST, HTTP, NDMP and FTP. With the introduction of S3 support, customers can run modern applications that rely on object storage. Multi-protocol access also enables limitless flexibility to run workloads that can store data with one protocol and access data with a different protocol.

Intelligent insights - With the inclusion of CloudIQ which delivers insights into the health of your systems across the datacenter, and DataIQ, which delivers data insights and data mobility, making it easy for anyone to find and understand data within file and object stores, PowerScale enables business outcomes, maximizes value from data, and enables data to be turned into insights. 


As a partner, you will want to:

  • Gain access into the lucrative midrange market with PowerScale’s entry level solution
  • Explore new sales opportunities in edge locations without local storage infrastructure
  • Consolidate customers’ IT architecture across the data center, public cloud and the edge
  • Explore tech refresh opportunities and upsell additional software, hardware, data protection, storage, networking, servers etc.
  • Increase rebate potential, and meet partner tier requirements by reselling complementary services, such as Residency or Data Migration Services
  • Realize greater margin potential when you co-deliver deployment services with the appropriate competencies, or resell ProDeploy to support rapid and effective deployment 

Resources for Partners

PowerScale is here, and we’re excited to share as much information as possible with you so that you can market PowerScale to your customers. Our executive team has created several announcement videos covering topics from the market opportunity and sales insights,  to a technical deep dive and how to build demand for PowerScale.   Click below to access these videos and additional resources to become #PowerScaleEnabled


In addition, leverage these eLearning assets to learn more about PowerScale:

PowerScale Product Overview This course provides an overview of the Dell EMC PowerScale product line and how it addresses the challenges customers are experiencing with the exponential growth of unstructured data



Coming soon



PowerScale Technical Overview THis course providens a technical overview of Dell EMC's PowerScale NAS Storage.  It includes an overview of key technology features and options.

Coming soon


Leverage these sales resources to better understand the opportunity:

Use the PowerScale Acceleration Pack to navigate all the sales, marketing, and enablement materials to drive your success in the market.

Use the PowerScale Quick Selling Guide to understand the key benefits and features to position with your customers.

Leverage the Partner Demand Generation Center on the Partner Portal for assets to leverage in your sales campaigns.

For even more assets, you can leverage the Knowledge Center for Dell EMC PowerScale


Dell Technologies Cloud

Cloud without Compromise


Introducing new cloud-based advancements and services designed to help customers work seamlessly between edge, private and public clouds, using the power of VMware and Dell Technologies infrastructure.​

Dell Technologies Cloud helps support the needs of all partners with the ability to offer your customers a consistent cloud experience without sacrificing choice.  ​

​Find out how you can use our latest launches to build your Cloud business opportunities – while helping your customers architect a winning multi-cloud strategy.  

Check out the videos below:

Check out these additional resources:

Leverage the Partner Demand Generation Center on the Partner Portal for assets to leverage in your sales campaigns.

Continuously Modern Storage

A continuously modern storage experience

Seize the opportunity to promote the importance of software-driven innovation for a continuously modern storage experience.  It’s time to help build breakthroughs that make a real difference for your customers.

Organizations can’t sit still in this dynamic digital world – and neither should their data storage.  Dell’s continuously modern, software-defined storage portfolio is built to not just keep up but keep you and your customers ahead.  How are we doing that?

  • Automate IT operations
  • Gain multi-cloud control and mobility
  • Innovate securely
  • Technology for the right outcomes

Leverage these "Top reasons why customers choose" assets to learn more about Storage Mega Launch:

From the exponential growth of data to hybrid clouds to constant cyberthreats, it’s never been more important to deliver a future-ready storage experience. Dell Technologies’ software-driven storage solutions help you automate IT, gain multi-cloud control and mobility and innovate securely.

Check out this blog to see how Dell Technologies can help

Check out these additional links for more information:

Storage Software

Dell Technologies Partner Portal